Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's all about the Belly!

Ok, I'm starting to get a bit of a baby bump and clothes just aren't fitting like they should. Am I unhappy? No way! This means baby is growing well and I get to start making some brand spanking new clothes to wear
;-)  I just finished making a cute little dress out of a vintage poplin that I bought from spotlight.
 Using pattern 6069 from NEW LOOK, I modified this dress to be a bit more maternity loving. When I cut it out I added a little more width to the front skirt piece at the top sides, and then gathered the extra material in  just under the bust to accommodate  my ever expanding belly. It worked beautifully and what you see below is the finished product.

I also added little rosettes around the front of the bodice to give it a bit more of an original flair. I learnt how to make these from my horse riding days as a kid and I would make these out of ribbon for the sides of the brow bands on the horses bridals.

Now I do really like this dress but I have already out grown it :-( But not to worry that's just a good excuse to make something new ;-)



  1. What a spunk! Nice dress, looking good Tash!

  2. U look gorgeous! congrats on your pregnancy :)

  3. Thank you, I need to put up an update, My belly is getting so much bigger now.

  4. I just got some fabric today that I'm thinking of using this pattern on.
    Which view did you make?
    It's hard to tell from the pics on the package, but in the ones with the buttons, if you decide not to add buttons, will there be a seam in the middle? Or does it cut in one piece? Thanks!

  5. I made view C, just minus the cap sleaves. It will have a seam down the front. I would recommend making a muslin first though as I found that the bodice gapes a little around the bust.
    Cheers :)

  6. Thanks for your prompt reply. Not sure how I would feel about a seam in the front with this particular fabric I have in mind, but yours is cute. My other hesitation is that the fabric is a white background and will therefore need to be lined, and I would have no idea how to line if the pattern calls for those gathers. I'm having fun with my learning, but I'm very new to sewing! Thanks again. And happy pregnancy!

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