Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Look 6828

About a year ago my mum gave me some of this gorgeous silk dupion. It's been stashed away, waiting for some inspiration to come my way as to what I might make of it. Well I had nothing to wear for a friends hen's party, and after breaking back into my sewing with my wedding dress adventure, I decided it was time to put that skill to good use again. I had a few ideas in mind, and I particularly like clothes with a bit of a vintage influence. Sew I decided to use New Look pattern 6824.

I made a little belt to go around my waist and to add a little bling!

I loved this dress so much that I made another but in a different style.

When I made these dresses I wasn't pregnant, and I was a bit slimmer. These photo's where taken at 11 weeks so you can just see a little bit of a belly ;-)

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